top-brands-in-20131When it comes to clothing, each one of us look for brands. Everything in 2014 is more about labels and the brands. It has become craze and a new mantra of the youth. Brand consciousness is one of the major characters of the upcoming youth. People are willing to spend any amount for a lavish lifestyle. The biggest apparel brands in the world in 2013 are as follows. Ranked based on brand value i.e. the difference between the net present values of future cash flows from a branded and a similar unbranded product. Brand value is also the value the brand holds to the management and shareholders.
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What about best College Clothing Brands

coupon code 2014If you’re still scrambling to find that perfect gift for that  teen/twenty something in your life and are starting to consider gift certificatesor coupons, clothing stores are a popular choice. Here are current favorite clothing brands among this demographic. There are tons of discount clothing stores out there, but which ones are worth shopping at, and which aren’t? Some discount stores are fabulous, but most are really just cheap! There are tons of stores, like Forever 21, that have low prices and cute stuff… you just need to know which ones to visit.


The Best Street Style Looks from 2013-2014 -  Check out these street style pictures for fashion inspiration!  Runway, street style, top trends & more

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It’s hard picking favorites. After all, it seems like every season the fashion outside of the shows just keeps getting better and better. We are trying taking inspiration for what to wear now from some of the fashion world's most stylish people.


La France

When I lived in Florida, and grazing novelty shops was a frequent tendency of mine, La France was the crème de la crème! With a mix of high quality vintage and reproduction pieces, it is easily reminiscent of a trendy New York boutique. Cases and cases are aligned with a beautiful variety of jewelry, and you can get lost in the combination of playful vintage fabrics! I snapped these photographs (with permission) on one of my last trips to the store. If you’re ever in Tampa, this is not a spot to pass up!


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her



1. J. Crew Heartbreaker sweater
2. I Love Necklace
3. Betsey Johnson Handbag, Heart Quilted Crossbody
4. Rainbow Rose Bouquet
5. Anna Sui Limited Edition Makeup Kit
6. “Let’s Make Out” Pillow

I love Valentine’s Day. Not really for the whole Hallmark Holiday — “I was obliged to get you these chocolates and flowers, hunny” — but for the colors and decorations, and the nostalgia of handing out little Valentines in grade school. My office has been decorated for the past month!


TokyoMilk Sugar Sugar Petit Parfum

Ever since I spotted it on Plasticland, I’ve always been curious about TokyoMilk; an artsy fragrance line by Margot Elena. I am a cute packaging junkie, so I find myself being drawn to her designs.

I found this solid parfum with its sparkly cupcake box one day while checking out at Marshall’s, it was only $5, so naturally, I tossed it in my basket. The packaging design is definitely my favorite thing about it. It came with all these tiny art cards. I guess that’s what you’d call them? The fragrance itself smells like vanilla frosting and is a blend of Coconut Milk, Vanilla Absolute, Sandalwood, Basmati Rice. It’s very light and doesn’t seem to last long. I’m actually not usually one for solid fragrances, but this is small enough to keep in my handbag which is nice for touch ups on the go. I believe this product has been discontinued as it is not available on the website as a solid in this particular scent. I’m really looking forward to trying more from the line!



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